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Violent and sexual offenders will have to serve at least two-thirds of their prison sentences, instead of being eligible for parole after half, as is currently the case.

The Justice Secretary Robert Buckland will set out details of the new policy in his speech to the Conservative Party conference in Manchester today.

Anyone sentenced to at least four years for offences that carry a maximum life term will no longer be be free at the halfway point, if the parole board deems them fit to be released.

It comes as the Home Secretary Priti Patel tells criminals that “we are coming after you” and follows a review of sentencing ordered by Boris Johnson in August.

The justice secretary says abolish automatic early release at the halfway point will be abolished

The justice secretary says early release at the halfway point will be abolished

In his speech Mr Buckland will say: “We’re going to restore faith in the sentencing system. Because we Conservatives believe release should be earned.

“And that’s why, for the most serious violent and sexual offenders, I’m announcing this Conservative Government will abolish automatic early release at the halfway point.

“These criminals will be required to serve two-thirds of their sentence behind bars.


“Because keeping the most dangerous violent and sexual offenders in prison for longer means they won’t be out on the streets with the opportunity to commit crime. We owe it to victims to make this change.”

As is currently the case, those freed early will be released on licence, meaning they have to obey certain conditions. If any are broken the offender can be returned to prison.

Priti Patel reacts to death of PC Andrew Harper

Priti Patel says the Conservatives are the party of law and order

Ms Patel will also address the Tory conference and reiterate the party’s support for the police.

She will say: “As we renew our place as the party of law and order in Britain, let the message go out from this hall today: To the British people – we hear you.

“To the police service: We back you. “And to the criminals, I simply say this: We are coming after you.”

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