All Fortnite Season 10/X Overtime “Out of Time” Challenges & Rewards Unlocked


The final two Out of Time Challenges have just been released, which means that all of them are now available to complete in Fortnite Battle Royale. Here are the new challenges you will need to complete.

The first two challenges for the Out of Time Challenges were first released a couple of days ago and two more challenges were released yesterday. Completing these challenges will award you with XP and with Skin Styles for three of the Season X Battle Pass Skins.

Here are the challenges that have already been released:

You can click on the challenges below to see a complete guide on how and where to find the Visitor recordings.


Here are the final two challenges that are now available to complete for the Season 10 Fortnite Out of Time Challenges:


We have already created guides on where you can find the Visitors recordings which you can see by clicking on the locations mentioned in the challenge.

Once you have completed five of the Out of Time Challenges, you will be awarded with a Skin Style for the External Voyager Skin. This Skin is unlocked at Tier 87 and you can see the style you will unlock for it below:

Fortnite Eternal Voyager Skin Style Overtime Challenges Reward
Fortnite Eternal Voyager Skin Style Overtime Challenges Reward

These two challenges were the last ones to be released for the Out of Time Event and you only have until Sunday before the event time to complete them. You will no longer be able to complete these challenges or level up in the Season X Battle Pass, so make sure you complete all Missions and Challenges to claim all of your rewards from the Battle Pass.

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