Where and how to get/unlock the Previously Leaked White Fortnite The Scientist Skin Style Location


Here’s how and the location where you can get/unlock the white style for the Fortnite The Scientist Skin.

With every patch/client Fortnite update, dataminers leak upcoming cosmetics including new skin styles. One of the skin styles that was leaked from the from the v10.40 update was a white style for the Scientist skin which can be unlocked by completing all seven of the A Meteoric Rise mission challenges/objectives.

When the white skin style for the Scientist was leaked, there was no solid information as to how players would be able to get the style. Now that all of the Season 10 Overtime Out of Time mission challenges are available along with all the Visitor recordings, players have started unlocking the skin style.

We’ve created a guide below on how to unlock the Scientist white skin style along with links to all the Visitor recording locations.

Where and how to get The Scientist White skin style (location)

In order to be able to get the the white style of the Scientist Fortnite skin, players will need to have collected all of the Visitor Recording Tapes. We’ve linked all of the locations below.


Once you’ve collected all of the recordings, players will need to make their way to the Visitor’s hideout that’s at Dusty Depot which is the one with the rocket. You’ll need to be a in new match if you collect a tape during the current match.

Once you’re there, you’ll find the Visitors console that you can interact with. Simply interact with the main console that you’ll find on the left and you’ll unlock the white style for the Scientist skin.

Visitor Interact Main Console Dusty Depot Warehouse
Visitor Interact Main Console Dusty Depot Warehouse

Here’s the message once you unlock it thanks to ShiinaBR.

The Scientist White Skin Style
The Scientist White Skin Style via ShiinaBR

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