Twitch unfeatures Fortnite streamer for mentioning Ninja clips


Twitch’s highest-profile streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins made the jump to Mixer in August and Fortnite streamer Marcus ‘Ranger’ Pereira was cut off from the official broadcast after mentioning his name.

Twitch’s handling of Ninja’s departure has been criticized in the past, most recently when his channel was being used to broadcast adult content.

The platform has said there are no hard feelings about his switch, but there might be more going on beneath the surface following his departure to the rival streaming service.

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The End has arrived.

Fortnite streamer Ranger was streaming the dark hole event and was randomly selected by the official Twitch channel to be featured on their broadcast.

For many streamers, being featured on a major broadcast like that, which has remained over 50,000 viewers since it went live, it’d be a big deal, but Ranger’s time was shortlived after he joked about watching a Ninja clip while waiting for Fortnite to come back online.

“I’m watching YouTube videos because of Fortnite downtime and Twitch’s channel randomly started playing my stream and I said we should watch a Ninja video then they turned me off,” he said.

It was an extremely quick turn of events, and it’s surprising to see just how fast Twitch acted when he said that.

Ranger was able to play it off as a harmless decision on Twitch’s part, and it’s entirely possible it was a simple coincidence and Twitch’s hosting could have been running on an algorithm that automatically switched to other streams.

You can see how fast the switch was in the clip below, lasting just close to two minutes before the change was made.

While the extra viewers provided a nice boon, Ranger is by no means a small streamer, boasting over 169,000 followers on Twitch.

On top of that, he’s no slouch in the competitive Fortnite scene either, with over $30,000 in prize winnings since the game debuted.

Fortnite is currently still stuck in a black hole and there’s a lot of conflicting reports about when it’ll eventually return.

A leaked Battle Pass trailer for Chapter 2 has come out so we can hope the return is sooner rather than later.

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