Here’s one major bad habit you need to avoid in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in order to improve the life expectancy of your character stocks


Don’t get overambitious when it comes to escaping disadvantage

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a game that is fairly easy to get into. Its learning curve isn’t very steep due to the basic control scheme and mechanics. Having said that, this is still a title that’s filled with depth that makes it difficult to truly master.

Playing against more advanced players can often help you realize bad habits that you may have unintentionally incorporated into your overall gameplan. The path towards improvement can only come about after said realization.

Generally speaking, there are three states that someone can be in during a match: neutral, advantage, and disadvantage. Two players compete against one another in the neutral until advantage and disadvantage states are established.

When you’re in disadvantage, this means that you’re placed in a rather awkward situation that is less than ideal for you. A few examples include being juggled while airborne, off-stage, or near the ledge.

Obviously once you are in a disadvantaged status, you want to try to either secure a more neutral or advantaged scenario for yourself as soon as possible. However, this is where a bad habit can potentially manifest itself if you’re used to playing against opponents that don’t fully take understand their options while in the advantage state.

The desire to escape disadvantage can lead to very desperate, impatient, or greedy plays. It’s very tempting to try to escape these type of scenarios by trying to immediately position oneself closer towards the middle of the stage.

Generally one will try to do this by jumping over the opponent. A problem comes into play if the opponent is able to read this desperation.

Running on the ground is typically faster than maneuvering while airborne. Notably, even Ultimate’s slowest ground runners can outpace the fastest air characters that are trying to escape while airborne.

Having said all that, it’s generally a common thing against a number of players to be able to reverse the disadvantage state by landing with an aerial. They’ll try to overcompensate too late, and will likely get hit for it.


Experienced players, however, will likely anticipate what you’re doing and will attempt to hit you with something like a turnaround forward smash attack after dashing in the direction you’re trying to get to.

In other words, you want to be careful about simply holding left or right towards the stage center while in the air. You’ll also want to exercise caution with regards to performing a directional air dodge while doing this.

Smash attacks, while usually harder to hit with compared to aerials and tilts, can typically be among a fighter’s greatest tools when it comes to sending opponents flying due to their high knockback properties.

It’s easy to see how incorporating such a habit has the potential to lower the overall life expectancy of your stocks against those that are prepared to punish you for it. Avoiding hard hitting moves like smash attacks should be of a high priority.

As a result, it’s likely better to try playing in disadvantage with a more patient mindset. While it’s certainly true that you’re going to have to work to get out of these type of situations, losing a valued resource like a stock just isn’t worth the risk.

In other words, being too hasty to escape bad situations will more likely result in you losing more than just your stage position.

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