AEW All Out 2020 Results: Matt Hardy And The Winners, Losers Of Marathon PPV

AEW All out 2020 came in went at a bloated three and a half hours (plus a one-hour preshow) as it can safely assume that the promotion delivered its worst pay-per-view offering in its young history. The combination of a mostly empty arena, some scary moments and long matches combined to sap this event of its energy early on and All Out struggled to get it back.

Still, All Out 2020 faced unforeseen circumstances, some of which were beyond its control, and even as the worst pay-per-view in AEW history it still hovered around somewhere between decent and mediocre.

Winner: Big Swole

Big Swole picked up a somewhat surprising win with Britt Baker entering the match as a -140 favorite. Swole has overachieved in her position as a babyface who seems to be a supporting character in Britt Baker’s ascension. Swole has vastly outgrown that role and it was promising to see her start this feud with such a high-profile victory.

Loser: Britt Baker

With so much made (arguably unfairly) about Britt Bake and Big Swole competing on the pre-show, the match ultimately disappointed as the extended comedy segment largely missed the mark given the more serious tone of this feud by the go-home show.

This felt like a step back for the Britt Baker character, who was presented as a sick and twisted horror-movie villain rather than the spoiled, self-involved heel she’s been in the months leading into this feud.

Winners: The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks seemed to take one step closer to becoming heels as The Bucks, and the announcers, did a good job putting over their change in attitude. After beating Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy, The Young Bucks once again find themselves in the middle of a rift between Hangman Page and Kenny Omega.

With Cody out of the picture for the time being and Jon Moxley moving on to a new feud, the tag team division has arguably become the top division in AEW.

Winner: Lance Archer

Lance Archer has been almost invincible since arriving in AEW, with his only loss coming at the hands of Cody in the finals or the TNT Championship. AEW seems committed to Moxley long-term as a champion, but it really should consider giving Archer a look as a dominant monster heel champion.

Losers: AEW Medical Staff During Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara

Matt Hardy’s win against Sammy Guevara was a real black eye for the company. Hardy literally stumbled his way through this match after clearly being knocked silly after the back of his head hit the concrete during a table bump.

This match had no business continuing, and although Doctor Sampson did his best to protect Hardy from himself—even calling the match off at one point—Matt Hardy’s old-school wrestler mentality prevailed as he finished the match against the best wishes of his concerned wife Reby, who was watching from home. Hardy was reportedly taken to the hospital following the match. Tony Khan commented on the situation during a post-event scrum (h/t WrestleZone), noting Hardy will be okay:

“Matt is OK and it looks like Matt is going to be OK,” said Khan.

“What had happened with Matt was Matt had taken a fall during the match and I stopped the match, paused the match, and sent the doctors to check on him. I was concerned that Matt could be hurt, so I rang the bell to pause the match. When the doctor had checked on him, the doctor had cleared him on the protocol.”

Winner: Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa fit right in during what was arguably the best match on the show. Thunder Rosa had no problem hanging with Hikaru Shida as the NWA women’s world champion may not be long for the National Wrestling Alliance. With the AEW women’s division struggling to take off even before the pandemic, Thunder Rosa is exactly what it needs.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes

Dustin Rhodes is becoming a walking feel-good moment as he made the most out of his post-match victory and celebration, which has since been parlayed into a TNT Championship opportunity on AEW Dynamite. Rhodes scored the winning pinfall Saturday night and was given all the fanfare of an up-and-comer who just won his first championship. Talented as he is on his own rights, Dustin will make a very effective babyface for the overpowered Brodie Lee to tear into on Wednesday.

Losers: FTR, Hangman Page and Kenny Omega

These four wrestled in a marathon of a tag team match seemingly designed to compete with the insurmountable G.O.A.T. tag team match in front of a full crowd from AEW Revolution.

Instead, the four labored through a near-30 minute match that hardly commanded the type of epic feel they thought it did. Less could have been so much more for these two teams, though the continued storytelling of this feud remains solid.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy beat Chris Jericho at AEW All Out 2020 in Mimosa Mayhem, giving Cassidy wins in two out of three matches against an all-time great. Cassidy’s character has relied on live crowds to get over, but in 2020, he has blown through breakout status during a time with no crowd. Go figure.

Loser: MJF

MJF suffered his first singles loss against Jon Moxley after a strong campaign to become AEW world champion. He now figures to move down the card, and after Wardlow’s miscue played a part in MJF’s loss, AEW may pull the trigger on an ill-advised split during divorce season in pro wrestling.

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