All the filming locations for Our Girl, from South Africa to Malaysia

The fourth season – Michelle Keegan’s last – returns to the BBC, and will largely be set in Afghanistan

Tuesday, 24th March 2020, 5:40 pm

Updated Tuesday, 24th March 2020, 5:47 pm
Michelle Keegan in Our Girl (Photo: BBC)

BBC military drama Our Girl is returning to our TV screens on Tuesday 24 March, with Michelle Keegan making her final outing as Georgie Lane.

The fourth season will run for six episodes and welcomes a bunch of new faces, including EastEnders’ Danny-Boy Hatchard.

We join Georgie a year after the events of season three, and find her back home in Manchester with her family.

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i’s TV newsletter: what you should watch next

She initially declines to join 2-Section on a tour of Afghanistan, but a traumatic event forces her to reconsider, as she realises she must face her fears.

However, although Afghanistan is the setting for much of the series, Keegan and co. did not set foot in the country for filming.

Where is Our Girl season four filmed?

Despite plenty of the season being set in the UK, it was actually filmed in South Africa, which could also be used for the Afghanistan scenes.

It is not the first time Our Girl has filmed British scenes abroad. Season three’s Manchester setting was actually Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Where has it been filmed in the past?

Our Girl has been set all across the globe, with 2-Section being deployed everywhere from Nigeria and Nepal to Syria and Bangladesh.

Much of the previous filming has also taken place in South Africa. That is where the Nigerian and Syrian scenes were filmed, as well as some of the Nepalese action.

Nepal itself was also used, while much of season three was shot in Malaysia.

Malaysia, where scenes set in Belize and Bangladesh were filmed, was not the easiest of workplaces.

Keegan recounted to Radio Times: “I look back now and think I can’t believe I did that. We had to wear leech socks because there were so many leeches and all the crew because they wore shorts were getting bitten by leeches all the time.

“I remember I ate an Oreo in bed. Big mistake. I didn’t even drop any crumbs, but I came back home the next day and got into bed and you know when something isn’t right? I turned the light on, moved the quilt and there were tiny little brown ants everywhere all over the bed.”

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