‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Fishing Tourney: What You Need To Know, Rules, Rewards, How To Win

C.J. is making a special appearance on your island today in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, continuing this strange moment of cramming as many events as possible into the beginning of April for this game. It’s time for this game’s first fishing tourney, an annual event that lets you compete to catch as many fish as possible for a bunch of event rewards. Thanks to the magic of time travel, we already know how this is all going to go down. So go in blind if you don’t want spoilers, but if you want some guidance, check below.

Here’s how it works: starting at 9:00 AM, C.J. will allow you to enter the tourney, which you can do multiple times. Basically, it’s a timed event where you have to catch as many fish as possible within 3 minutes, and you get one point for each fish you catch. That’s essentially it: you can use bait, multiple rods, whatever you need to get the job done.

Each fish you catch gets you 1 point, as well as a bonus point if you manage to catch 3. You can trade the points in for “swag”, which are the prizes you’ll be collecting. Thanks to reddit, we already know what those will be. Each prize costs 10 points:

  • Fish-drying rack
  • Anchor Statue
  • Fresh cooler (same as C.J’s one)
  • Fishing rod stand
  • Fish print
  • Fish doorplate
  • Marine pop wall
  • Fish rug
  • Fish wand (same effect as star wand, but with a fish on it)
  • Fish-print tee
  • Outdoor shorts
  • Fish pochette
  • Tackle bag
  • Fish umbrella

If you get 100 points in total, C.J. will mail you another prize the next day. You can also get bronze, silver and gold trophies based on your point totals.

Any fish you catch will go into C.J.’s cooler, so you don’t need to worry about keeping your pockets empty as you participate. He still works as a regular fish vendor, so you can sell to him for increased prices just like if he visited your island normally.

And that’s the gist: you should be able to do well if you just run around(but not so fast as to spook the fish) and catch fish all day. But if you’re looking to maximize, remember to always carry rod and to dig up clams on the beach for bait whenever possible. I’ll be trying to get all of these today, but I am insane.

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