Australian mum’s four-ingredient Christmas cake recipe internet sensation no-fail festive treat


How to make a Christmas cake with four ingredients: Home baker shares her recipe – and says apple juice and elderberry port are key to success

  • A savvy home cook has revealed her simple recipe for a no-fail Christmas cake 
  • The festive treat is made using mixed fruit, orange and apple juice and alcohol 
  • The mixture was left overnight before two cups of self-raising flour were added
  • When the batter was ready, the cake was cooked in a slow cooker for eight hours

An Australian mum has revealed her recipe for a no-fail Christmas cake and keen home cooks are going wild.

The woman shared a photo on a Facebook group of her most recent creation – one she said was ‘baked’ using a slow cooker.

She explained the festive treat was made using a kilogram of mixed fruit as well as juice – a mix of apple and orange – and elderberry port.

As is standard with Christmas cakes, the dried fruit needs time to absorb the liquid, something the woman said she did by leaving the mixture to ‘stand’ overnight.

So what is the secret to the cake’s success? 

This lavish Christmas cake (pictured) was cooked using just four ingredients and 'baked' for eight hours in a slow cooker

This lavish Christmas cake (pictured) was cooked using just four ingredients and ‘baked’ for eight hours in a slow cooker  

The cake was cooked for eight hours using a slow cooker on low

The cake was cooked for eight hours using a slow cooker on low 

After the mixture had adequate time to rest, the woman said she added two cups of self-raising flour.

‘Mix fruit with fluid overnight, stir in flour and cook for eight hours on low, put water 1/2 way up the tin,’ she said.

Although she used a slow cooker to cook the cake, she placed the uncooked batter into a tin first.

Next, she added water to the appliance, making sure she didn’t fill her slow cooker past the half-way mark of the baking tin. 

The cake was left to cook for eight hours on a low temperature setting. 

The steam generated by the slow cooker infuses the mixture, creating a Christmas cake that’s ‘steamed’ rather than baked.

As to be expected, her post generated a flurry of comment from interested home cooks, all keen to try the easy recipe.

One person said ‘I feel like we need to try this’ while another was quick to add ‘sounds great, might have a go’.


Others commenting on the post said they had tweaked the recipe to include additions like chai tea with the more adventurous opting for the malty flavours of beer.

What is needed for the no-fail four ingredient Christmas cake? 


One kilogram mixed fruit

750mL fluid (this can be a mix of orange, apple juice and port)

Two cups self raising flour


Mix fruit with fluid over night. When the mixture is ready, stir in the flour and cook for eight hours on low.

Make sure the cake is in a separate tin, and add water. It is important to ensure you don’t fill up past the halfway mark of the cake tin.

Source: Slow cooker recipes & tips/Facebook 

It’s not the first time a four-ingredient Christmas cake has been shared online – although one person revealing their recipe said they cooked the cake using a tea towel under the lid.

According to Slow Cooker Central, the use of a tea towel is a must when cooking certain foods because it soaks up extra moisture.

‘This [the tea towel] is to absorb condensation and stop it from dripping down into the dish inside.

‘It’s often used when making cakes and bread etc that you don’t want to end up soggy.’

When using a tea towel with a slow cooker, it is recommended to fold up excess fabric up onto the lid to prevent it hanging over the hot outer casing of the slow cooker. 

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