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Parliament rejected the Prime Minister’s attempt to set a three-day timetable to enact the Withdrawal Agreement Bill for Brexit on Tuesday. Mr Johnson is now waiting for a decision from EU leaders on whether the UK will be granted a three month extension to leaving the bloc. He said if the deadline is delayed to the end of January, he would call an election by Christmas. readers were asked who they would vote for in a general election between 2pm and 9.42pm today.

Out of the 18,675 people who voted, 9,562 (52 percent) said they would back the Conservative Party.

The Brexit Party was a close second with 7,903 votes (43 percent), while the Lib Dems came third with 543 votes (three percent).

Labour trailed miserably behind with 335 votes (one percent) and the Green Party only got the backing of 91 voters (less than one percent).

And 241 people (one percent) said they would back a different party.

The Brexit Party may have missed out on the top spot after leader Nigel Farage recently revealed he preferred another Brexit delay over the Prime Minister’s deal.

Mr Farage said the deal was “95 percent the same as Mrs May’s” and “the second-worst deal in history”.

He told Sky News: “I want a general election, so an extension for a few weeks into which we can have a general election is a much better outcome than signing up to a treaty that becomes part of international law that binds us in foreign policy and in many, many other areas.

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“Therefore if this Parliament is unwilling to vote for a deal then we will have to go for a general election.”

Shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon suggested Labour would back the Prime Minsiter’s calls for a general election if EU leaders agree to a Brexit delay into next year.

He told BBC Breakfast: “If the EU responds by agreeing an extension of a number of months that means that Boris Johnson in that time can’t push us out through a no-deal Brexit.

“Given that Labour will be calling for a general election once a no-deal is off the table because actually it’s only a general election that can sort out Brexit because a Labour government would hold a public vote between a credible leave option and remain to finally sort this out.”

A senior Liberal Democrat source said Jo Swinson’s party was “not scared” of a general election, adding: “Our priority remains getting a People’s Vote, but we are not scared of a general election.”

This comes after talks between the Government and Labour Party on a new timetable to get the Prime Minister’s deal through the Commons appeared to have stalled.

Mr Johnson met Jeremy Corbyn in his Commons office today to discuss a new plan, but a Tory source said the Labour leader made clear he has “no policy except more delays and to spend 2020 having referendums”.

A Labour spokeswoman said Mr Corbyn reiterated Labour’s offer to “agree a reasonable timetable to debate, scrutinise and amend the Withdrawal Agreement Bill” and “restated that Labour will support a general election when the threat of a no-deal crashout is off the table”.

Mr Corbyn’s spokesman later said that the party’s chief whip, Nick Brown, told the meeting that the opposition was “ready to work together with the Government” to find a “reasonable and sensible” way of getting the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) completed.

Asked how Mr Johnson responded to that offer, the spokesman said: “He certainly didn’t lean in that direction but did not rule it out.”

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said he is supportive of the request for a delay.

He told the Irish Parliament: “I agreed to that but that’s not yet agreed by the 27 and we may have to have an emergency European Council over the course of the next few days to discuss it if he can’t get consensus.”

The European Parliament’s Brexit co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt said the Parliament’s Brexit Steering Group believed that a “flextension, not going beyond the January 31, is the only way forward”.

But EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier has called for clarity from the Government over the extension request.

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