Cocktails – You Suck at Cooking (episode 115)

Cocktails. They’re good for drinking when you’re thirsty. Whether it’s the Paloma, Whiskey Sour, Bees Knees, or any other cocktail, one thing you can be sure about is that they have liquid in them.

YSAC Book + Merch:

Classic Paloma
2 oz tequila
6 oz grapefruit soda
Pinch of salt or salted rim
Garnish with entire grapefruit

Non classic Paloma
2 oz tequila
2 oz grapefruit juice
¼ oz simple syrup
Wedge of lime squeezed
¼ oz simple syrup or agave
Pinch of salt or salted rim
Soda water to taste

Whiskey Sour
2 oz Bourbon
¾ – 1 oz lemon juice
½ oz simply syrup
½ oz egg white optional
Shake without ice
Add ice and pelvic thrust to techno music
Pour over big ass ie cube and stir for no reason
garnish with a basket of lemons

Bees Knees
2 oz gin
¾ oz lemon juice
½ oz honey syrup
shake with ice
garnish with live bees


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