Denver cop fired for 'extraordinary series of bad decisions'

A Denver police officer has been fired after ‘an extraordinary series of bad decisions’ following a number of lies surrounding a high speed car chase.

Officer Nicholas Mauro is said to have covered up the unauthorized November 2019 incident by lying about it in a report. 

He not only failed to turn on his bodycam but also to report when the car he had chased crashed into a homeowner’s garage, officials say.  Mauro then tired to hide the damage to his own patrol car by using white out. 

A letter ending his employment said he had so ‘significantly violated the public trust that the only appropriate penalty for this rule violation is termination’. 

Officer Nicholas Mauro lied about the November 2019 incident in his report (stock image)

Officer Nicholas Mauro lied about the November 2019 incident in his report (stock image)

The letter adds: ‘Officer Mauro said he started to panic and that he was scared because he knew the repercussions of what had happened.’ 

Officers Aldo Salayandia has also been handed a 22-day unpaid suspension after taking part in the chase, The Denver Post reports. 

Mauro had reached speeds of 99mph chasing an SUV with a broken tail light. He is not said to have used his lights or siren in the chase. 

He then radioed Salayandia for help and the two followed the vehicle until it crashed into an innocent homeowner’s garage door. 

After discovering the SUV empty Mauro attempted to turn the vehicle’s engine off but instead it reversed down the driveway, hitting his patrol car. 

Mauro is then said to have told the homeowner to report the accident online, instead of following regulations and reporting it himself.

He then claimed to have found the SUV on another block, already damaged before using the white out to try and cover up the damage to his car. 

Deputy Director of Denver Public Safety Mary Dulacki said: ‘The totality of these actions and decisions is appalling.’ 

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