Diversity’s BLM performance tops 10,000 complaints

Diversity’s powerful Black Lives Matter-inspired performance on Britain’s Got Talent has become the second most-complained about TV moment of the decade.

The moving routine saw the dance troupe, who won BGT in 2009, reference George Floyd’s death while the main track started with his final words: “I can’t breathe.”

The four-and-a-half-minute performance saw the group dance to Dax’s track Black Lives Matter, which includes lyrics such as: “Nobody’s born racist, man, it’s something you learn / Deep rooted in your brain from the day of your birth / I think it’s time that we repair all of these bridges we’ve burned.”

Diversity received a standing ovation from the judges when their performance came to an end in Saturday’s show and many fans took to Twitter to praise the troupe for their efforts.

However in the six days that have followed, a total of 10,267 complaints have been made to Ofcom, according to MailOnline.

The only TV moment to receive more complaints in the last 10 years is Celebrity Big Brother’s 2018 “punchgate,” which saw Roxanne Pallett falsely accuse Ryan Thomas of hitting her and racked up 25,327 calls to the broadcasting watchdog.

As is standard procedure, Ofcom is now assessing the complaints and deciding whether or not to investigate.

Diversity’s Jordan Banjo addressed the events on Kiss Radio earlier this week, admitting his sadness at the negative reactions.

“Of course you get some critiques but normally it’s focused on the dance. But this one was different, it was really important, it was special to us,” he said. “We are all about positivity and love and we got so much positivity and love back from this one.”

The dancer added that he mas been “bombarded” with messages, some of which claim “Diversity [is] not diverse enough because there’s only five white people in it.”

“’I can’t speak for anyone else it’s sad, it’s sad, genuinely,” he added, fighting back tears. “I feel anxious and worried saying something like Black Lives Matter when that’s all we want, love and positivity, no one is saying only Black Lives Matter.”

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