every episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender – BOOK 3

Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, and the newly inducted Zuko try to stop the Fire Lord before it’s too late…or something. At this point, I’m just as lost as you guys.

This marks the end of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series, hope y’all stay tuned for what I have planned in the future!

Thank you so much to Uncle Iroh himself, Greg Baldwin, for doing the incredible voice overs ❤️


Original Score by Logan Feece🎵:

People in this video👪:
Zuko (8illy):
Sokka (Wahony):
Katara (Dawn):
Toph (Toborowitz):
Azula (Summer):
Jet (Tyler Funke):
Mai (Caroline Ricke):
Bystander (PoloBoy):
Aang, Iroh, Ty Lee, Ozai, Crazy Old Lady, Guards, Students, Principals, Combustion Man, & Suki (anthpo):

Directed, Filmed, Edited, Produced, & Created by🎥:

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