Floyd Mayweather ‘approached’ about Logan Paul exhibition, but ‘far from a done deal’

Floyd Mayweather has reportedly been approached about a potential exhibition fight with Logan Paul later this year.

The 50-0 multi-weight world champion has been retired since 2015, only coming back to beat Conor McGregor in 2017.

Mayweather retired with a perfect 50-0 record and millions in the bank

Chris Farina/Top Rank

Mayweather retired with a perfect 50-0 record and millions in the bank

He also travelled to Tokyo for an exhibition bout with kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa at the end of 2018.

In the aftermath of that easy win, Mayweather said he’d be open for further exhibitions.

Rumours swirled on social media suggesting a bout with Logan Paul was a ‘done deal’ on Wednesday, however it’s understood this is not the case.

According to TMZ, Floyd has been approached about the exhibition, but is leaning towards a ‘no’.

Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Logan is winless as a professional boxer

It’s claimed the bout is ‘far from a done deal’ and appears unlikely to happen as things stand.

Mayweather retired with a record of 50-0.

Paul has a record of 0-1 after losing a split decision to fellow YouTube star KSI in their fight last November.

Not only would the potential exhibition be one of the most obvious mismatches in sporting history, it would also be difficult to sanction due to their size disparity.

Floyd’s last bout was at 154lbs (super-welterweight), while Logan weighed in at 199.4lbs for the cruiserweight contest with KSI.

Denis Douglin tells all on Floyd Mayweather sparring

Mayweather has been back sparring though, and tipped to return by the man he’s shared the ring with recently – Denis Douglin.

Douglin has said via Vegas Insider: “100 per cent I think he could come back.

“As a fighter it’s amazing to see another fighter, especially an African-American fighter, doing so well, making so much money, having fun, milking the game – so why not keep going?

“If you’re safe and you feel protected and you’re smart, I wanna say keep going.

The 43-year-old remains in peak physical condition

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The 43-year-old remains in peak physical condition

“I don’t think he’ll come back and fight the top guys like Errol Spence or Terence Crawford.

“But I do think he’ll come back and probably do some exhibition matches because he loves the sport and being a competitor.

“But I don’t think, at this time, he’ll put himself in a position to seriously hurt himself.“

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Floyd Mayweather Approached for Logan Paul Boxing Match, No Deal Yet