Former 2016 Republican candidate Carly Fiorina says she will vote for Joe Biden in November

Carly Fiorina says she plans to cast her ballot for Joe Biden in November as she urges other anti-Donald Trump Republicans to follow their morals over politics.

‘I’ve been very clear that I can’t support Donald Trump,’ Fiorina told The Atlantic in an interview published Thursday.

Donald Trump said in a tweet that he is not concerned with losing her vote.

‘Failed presidential candidate (thank you President Trump!), Carly Fiorina, said she will be voting for Corrupt Joe Biden. She lost so badly to me, twice in one campaign, that she should be voting for Joe,’ Trump posted Thursday.

He added: ‘No complaints!!!’

Fiorina, failed 2016 Republican presidential candidate, said that those Republicans who say they oppose Trump but are unwilling to vote for Biden are not being honest about their intentions.

‘And elections are binary choices,’ she asserted, making it clear she believes if people do not vote for Biden, they are voting for Trump.

When pressed on whether her comments meant she was voting for the former vice president, Fiorina said ‘yes,’ but added that the general election is ‘not till November’ – signalling her decision could change.

Many conservative Republicans, including former National Security Advisor John Bolton, have said they will either write in a name for their preferred candidate or potentially cast their vote for a third-party candidate.

Failed 2016 Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said she is voting for Joe Biden in November, claiming the election is a 'binary choice'

Failed 2016 Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said she is voting for Joe Biden in November, claiming the election is a ‘binary choice’

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski has also voiced her doubts about supporting Trump, claiming she agrees with former Defense Secretary James Mattis that Trump is a threat to the Constitution.

Murkowski, a Republican, said she is ‘struggling’ with whether to vote for Trump, and Fiorina claimed she is putting politics over principle.

During her interview with ‘The Ticket’ podcast, Fiorina, who voted for Trump in 2016, revealed that she struggled with the decision to switch her vote for Biden and was wary on whether she wanted to go public with her conclusion.

‘As citizens, our vote is more than a check on a box,’ Fiorina said. ‘You know, it’s a statement about where we want to go, and I think what we need now actually is real leadership that can unify the country.’

‘I am encouraged that Joe Biden is a person of humility and empathy and character. I think he’s demonstrated that through his life. And I think we need humility and empathy everywhere in public life right now. And I think character counts,’ she continued, claiming those who don’t like Trump but support him because of certain policies or judicial nominations need to hear her justification.

Fiorina, who previously served as the CEO of Hewlett-Packard before launching her failed political campaigns for Senate and the White House, has already expressed her contempt with the 2016 victor, claiming in 2019 while facing potential removal from office that his impeachment was ‘vital.’

She also divulged in an interview with The Bulwark podcast last month that she would not vote for Trump, but did not say at the time that she planned to instead vote for Biden.

Fiorina voted for Trump in 2016 despite the then-candidate mocking her physical appearance, saying: ‘Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?’

Fiorina dismissed Trump and his comments about her at the time, calling him the ‘Kim Kardashian of politics.’

She told The Atlantic that she doesn’t care if and what Trump tweets about her.

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