‘Fortnite’ Chapter 2, Season 3 Map Changes: A Lot Of Water And Some New POIs

Well, we’ve finally done it. A flooded map has been one of those proposed season changes in Fortnite for a long time, and now we’ve got one. Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 is water-themed, and the island is looking a whole lot more like an archipelago than it used to: huge portions are now underwater, stacked with sharks and ready for the looting. Let’s check out the biggest map changes for the start of the season.

To start with: the obvious. Many old points of interest are now underwater, and while the mountainous southeastern region is relatively untouched, the entire rest of the map is now a scattered arrangement of small and large islands. There are hints of the old POIs—places like Sweaty Sands, Frenzy Farm and Steamy Stacks are still there, they’re just mostly submerged.

In many places, like Pleasant Park, houses and other buildings are up on floaters, with other big inflatable pads to bounce off. And Weeping Woods—Weeping Woods has not fared well.

Let’s go to the map:

In addition to those changed areas, we’ve got four brand-new POIs:

  • The Fortilla
  • The Authority
  • Catty Corner
  • Rickety Rig

The Fortilla is a water world, basically, the most direct nod to something that clearly serves as inspiration for the season. It’s a ramshackle floating town that looks like a fun time: there’s a choppa pad and a pirate ship for whatever you might need.

Rickety Rig is clearly the rig, but it’s not quite so simple as submerging the whole thing. It’s sort of been blown up and scattered all over, with an open vault signifying it’s collapsed state. There looks to be a lot more underneath, so expect more here as the season goes on.

Catty Corner is where Meowscles has taken up residence after losing the yacht to Deadpool: it’s basically a fortified version of the box factory, complete with henchman-like robots.

The Authority replaces the Agency at the center of the map, and it’s sure to be a busy place in any given game. It’s essentially The Agency after a complete Shadow takeover, which makes them look a lot more like the bad guys than they really did before. It’s quite menacing, with a seawall to keep it relatively dry.

That’s the bulk of it: there are some more smaller changed POIs as well, and you’ll definitely want to see what Deadpool has done with the yacht. But the most exciting part of this season will be the gradually receding water, which should yield all sorts of treasures as things continue.

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