Four people die in a plane crash in Texas as the pilot tried to make an emergency landing

Four people have died in a plane crash in Texas after an aircraft developed engine trouble and tried to make an emergency landing.

The 1984 single-engine plane left Horseshoe Bay Resort near Marble Falls, west of Austin, at 10am on Sunday.

Officials said that there were two couples on board the plane which was heading to Natchitoches, Louisiana Regional Airport, Louisiana. 

Four people died in the plane crash at Hilltop Lakes, Texas, on Sunday

Four people died in the plane crash at Hilltop Lakes, Texas, on Sunday

The police say that during the flight the plane developed engine trouble. It was attempting to make an emergency landing at Hilltop Lakes Airport, Texas.

The pilot had spoken to the Federal Aviation Administration before the crash to report the engine problems.

A witness told KBTX TV that the aircraft was flying extremely low to the ground and that once the pilot started to pull up the motor stopped.

The plane crashed near to the Hilltop Lakes stables north of Normangee around 10.45am.

Justin DeLeon, a Hilltop Lakes resident said: ‘He got over the putt-putt area across from the stables.

‘He banked left almost over-corrected and then banked right again and then he banked left one last time.

‘When he did that second bank to the left he pretty much nose-dived straight vertical into the ground.’ 

DeLeon said he and one other man ran to the plane to see if they could help. 

The plane’s flight track shows the aircraft reaching 18,000 feet before it descended less than an hour into its flight.

The aircraft is registered to KMAC Bravo LLC in Lafayette, Louisiana.  

The identities of those killed in the accident have not been released.

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