Gemma Collins called 999 over fears troubled ex James Argent had overdosed with pals worried they will find him dead – The Sun


TV’S Gemma Collins dialled 999 amid fears on-off lover James “Arg” Argent had overdosed.

Police broke into Arg’s home after he failed to return pals’ calls.

 James Argent's on-off girlfriend Gemma Collins phoned 999 over fears he had overdosed


James Argent’s on-off girlfriend Gemma Collins phoned 999 over fears he had overdosedCredit: Rex Features

Hours later cops were alerted by the parents of the star — kicked off Towie after a drug test.

The overdose scare has left pals fearing they could find him dead next time.

Two police cars plus ambulance crews dashed to his new £1.3million home and cops broke in amid concerns he had collapsed.

On-off lover Gemma Collins had dialled 999 after Arg’s panicked parents could not get into the house where he lives alone.

 Arg's friends are said to be 'beyond worried' that one day soon they will 'find him dead'


Arg’s friends are said to be ‘beyond worried’ that one day soon they will ‘find him dead’Credit: LVT MEDIA

Gemma and other pals had failed to reach him on the phone.

Medics checked Arg and his parents insisted they could look after him. But three hours later they raised the alarm again amid further “concerns for his welfare”.

Thursday’s drama came after Arg, 31, was dumped from The Only Way Is Essex in May over a positive cocaine test.

A family source said today: “James’ friends are beyond worried. Their concern is that if this behaviour keeps on happening that one day soon they will go around to find him dead.

 Police arrived at Arg's £1.3million home amid fears for his wellbeing


Police arrived at Arg’s £1.3million home amid fears for his wellbeingCredit: NO BYLINE

“He has become more and more reclusive and his loved ones are worried about what is going on behind closed doors, away from watchful eyes.

“Gemma raised the alarm because after hearing from his mum and dad she thought the worst. When paramedics turned up and couldn’t get in everyone was beside themselves.

“It took the quick thinking of police to smash through the glass panel on his front door to undo the bolt and get in.

“Arg needs a wake-up call and hopefully this will be it.”

 A medic got into Arg's house after cops smashed the glass in the door to get to the lock


A medic got into Arg’s house after cops smashed the glass in the door to get to the lockCredit: NO BYLINE

Ambulance crews were first called shortly before 1pm, and police soon after.

They dashed to the five-bed house in South Woodford, North East London, but could not stir Arg whose parents live nearby.

After cops got in, Arg was assessed at the scene. Police left but got a second call at 4.20pm.

Cops and paramedics looked pensive as they chatted to his parents outside. Later, a third ambulance arrived.

 An officer spoke with Arg's parents on the second police visit of the afternoon


An officer spoke with Arg’s parents on the second police visit of the afternoonCredit: NO BYLINE

Arg is currently seen on E4’s Celebrity Coach Trip with Towie pal James “Diags” Bennewith.

Pals are concerned his partying could have spiralled out of control. A friend said: “Arg goes missing for days on end.

“He is clearly overdoing it then no one can raise him for hours.

“He then comes around as if nothing has happened. But this time it sounds like it almost went too far. He lives two minutes from his parents in a mansion and yet is still behaving like a tearaway teen.

Years of Argy-bargy

JULY 2014: Tweets a selfie with pals and what look like laughing gas balloons.

AUGUST 2014: Triggers missing person alert amid reports he went to wrong airport and his phone broke.

NOVEMBER 2014: Suspended from Towie after cocaine test. Checks into Priory.

APRIL 2016: Splits with his Towie lover Lydia Bright after she allegedly caught him doing cocaine.

MARCH 2019: Apologises for comments he made about Gemma Collins’ weight. He said Gemma had “more rolls than Greggs” soon after she dumped him when he posted an unflattering video of her snoring on Instagram.

MAY 2019: Dumped by Towie bosses after testing positive for cocaine. A TV source said: “It’s a shame but James’s problems flared up again and he failed a routine test.”

OCTOBER 2019: Seen walking his Vespa scooter on to a pavement in Loughton, Essex, minus his helmet.

“Arg is a lovely bloke but needs to address his problems.”

Arg has had a very public battle with drugs. A failed test this March led to his Towie exit in May. It came five years after he was suspended for the same reason.

That year, 2014, Arg also went to a Priory hospital.


Months earlier he had sparked a police search after going to the wrong airport and claiming his phone was broken.

 The alert was sparked after Arg, who lives alone, failed to return friends' calls


The alert was sparked after Arg, who lives alone, failed to return friends’ calls

In 2017 he checked into a Thai rehab facility for his “mental and physical wellbeing”. Arg said at the time his life had been in “a pretty bad way” earlier that year.

He added: “I need to face life on life’s terms, to take responsibility, be a man.”

A third rehab stint came last year. His partying also put a strain on his relationship with Gemma, 38.

In 2016 The Sun on Sunday told how Towie co-star Lydia Bright split from Arg after allegedly catching him “out of it” on cocaine.

 Arg's partying had put a strain on his relationship with Gemma


Arg’s partying had put a strain on his relationship with GemmaCredit: Splash News

Today the popular star said he was “embarrassed” over Thursday’s emergency. He initially claimed medics had attended to see his dad. But he then admitted police and paramedics were called by a pal who was worried because he would not pick up the phone.

Arg claimed he was hanging pictures with parents Patricia and Martin when emergency services first called. He told The Sun on Sunday: “I wasn’t speaking to a certain person so I didn’t reply.

“They became concerned and called the police and ambulance.

“They turned up and checked on me. They came up to my room to make sure I was fine.

 Arg is currently appearing on E4's Celebrity Coach Trip with Towie pal James 'Diags' Bennewith


Arg is currently appearing on E4’s Celebrity Coach Trip with Towie pal James ‘Diags’ Bennewith

“My parents were already there. Then this person must have called again and the ambulance turned up at around 4pm and we had a quick chat on the doorstep. He said it was a lovely house.

“I wasn’t speaking to this person for a reason and they were worried about my safety because I wasn’t answering the phone.

“I was perfectly fine, we all had a chat and carried on the day with my parents, we were just hanging up pictures.”

He added: “The police and paramedics were only here for about ten minutes. I’m slightly embarrassed really. I apologise for any wasted police time as I was absolutely fine.”

Arg claimed police did not force their way in. London Ambulance Service (LAS) confirmed it was called at 12.55pm to reports of an “unwell person”. A spokesman added: “We sent an ambulance crew and incident response officer and treated a person at the scene.”

The Met said: “Police were called at 13.11hrs to a residential address following concerns for the welfare of male occupant. Officers attended with LAS. The male, in his 30s, was spoken to. He was left in the company of family.

“Officers were called at 16.21hrs to the same address, again due to concerns for the same male’s welfare. The male declined assistance.”


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Richard Madeley discusses James Argent’s weight on GMB and says he’s worried about his health


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