Google may be developing own processor for powering its line of Pixel phones and Chromebook laptops

Google may be gearing up to power its line of phones and laptops with a processor made in-house.

According to a report from Axios, Google’s development of a processor for Pixel phones and Chromebooks could materialize a chip as soon as early next year and could help the tech giant support on-board artificial intelligence.

The chip is reportedly code-named ‘Whitechapel’ and may be an eight-core ARM processor made using method developed by Samsung.

Google's processor would power its line of Pixel phones and Chromebook laptops according to a report from Axios.

Google’s processor would power its line of Pixel phones and Chromebook laptops according to a report from Axios.

The chip may reportedly be engineered partially to improve machine-learning capabilities and help improve the company’s Google Assistant.

Google currently makes some chips for its hardware, including one featured in its flagship Pixel 4 called Soli that uses radar to enable remote hand gesture controls.

As noted by The Verge, it also makes the Titan M chip which is designed to bolster security on the Pixel.

Currently, however, Qualcomm makes the primary processor in Pixel devices.

By transitioning to its own chip, Google would mirror one of its biggest competitors, Apple, which designs its own line of A-series processors for the iPhone.

Upon the release of its newest chip, the A13 Bionic, last September, Apple said that its processor is capable of crunching 1 trillion operations per second, making it 20 percent faster than the A12 while also being more efficient. 

By utilizing hundreds of voltage and clock gates and machine learning, the A13 can shut off different parts of the chip when they’re not in use, making it exceptionally good at conserving energy.

The result is a chip that helps conserve battery life and also increases computing power.

If Apple’s success is any indication, Google may be able to amp up subsequent phones and computers’ speed and overall functionality.  

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