Google Releases New Versions of Google Maps for Android and Android Auto

Despite several other companies trying to build navigation apps that would eventually serve as alternatives to Google Maps, Google’s very own solutions continue to be the preferred choice for nearly everybody out there.

And when it comes to Android and Android Auto, it goes without saying that Google dominates the race here, as its apps, Google Maps and Waze, are both leading the charts for the majority of users.

One of the reasons these two apps are so successful is that they get further improvements and fixes every once in a while, and today it’s one of those moments, when both the stable and the beta channels are updated.

Google has just released updates for Google Maps stable and beta, and users can download them right now from the Google Play Store – of course, the beta build is available only if you’re enrolled in the testing program.

The new version of the stable Google Maps is 10.40.2, just a minor update from the previous 10.40.1 build that was shipped in late April. This suggests that the new release is all about bug fixes, but this is good news anyway, especially as Android Auto users have been complaining of various issues, including broken voice guidance when running Google Maps.

At this point, I can’t yet confirm that the voice navigation has been fixed, as Google Maps was working correctly on Android Auto for me.

The new Google Maps beta build 10.41.0 and this one seem to indicate that bigger changes are coming. Of course, the beta build is here for testing purposes, so you shouldn’t install it if you want a smooth navigation experience on Android.

Google doesn’t typically provide changelogs for new versions unless it includes major features, so for now, it’s all up to every Android Auto user to discover if anything has changed in these updates.

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