How to join The Chris Whitty Appreciation Society on Facebook: Get your CMO mug and t-shirt!

Facebook users can now show their support of Britain’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty by joining The Chris Whitty Appreciation Society.

Now more than ever, it is important to show our appreciation of the key workers continuing their jobs day-in, day-out while the coronavirus pandemic rages on. 

Following some nasty trolling of Chris Whitty online, Sean Ryan decided to set up a page dedicated to the CMO; and so, The Chris Whitty Appreciation Society was born. 

Find out what goes down on The Chris Whitty Appreciation Society page and how to join here!

Chris Whitty attends a news conference at 10 Downing Street in London on March 12, 2020.

Sean Ryan starts The Chris Whitty Appreciation Society 

Following the trolling which went down back in March 2020, after Chris Whitty appeared in TV adverts giving coronavirus advice, Sean and Nicholas Ryan decided to act. 

Sean appeared on This Morning on Thursday, April 30th to talk about why he set it up. He had noticed that the “shy and reserved” politician was receiving “a hard time” online, and wanted to create a space where people could show their appreciation and gratitude for his work. 

Sean continued: “We just set it up to see what happened, we [himself and Nicholas] were both big fans and people seemed to like it. They were wishing Chris Whitty a happy birthday, sharing their artwork, and photos, just declaring their love.”

Artists show their appreciation 

Sean and Nicholas, and their 4,000 members, are not the only ones who aimed to show their appreciation for Chris’s work during the coronavirus pandemic. Many artists have gone on to create portraits and sculptures of Chris Whitty. 

If you watched the first episode of Grayson’s Art Club on Monday, April 27th, then you may have noticed that plenty of the featured artists chose Chris to be the subject of their portraits. 

Cornish artist Penny Lally was one of such featured artists, and has made a sculpture of the Chief Medical Officer, which she hopes will be preserved eternally in bronze resin. 

Comedian Joe Lycett also rocked up to show Grayson Perry his work, presenting a painting of Chris.

How to join The Chris Whitty Appreciation Society

You can find The Chris Whitty Appreciation Society on Facebook here

In the page’s ‘about’ section, they claim they are: “A friendly, fun group for any fans of Professor Chris Whitty. If you’re only here to troll, please find a better forum to debate (there’s plenty out there). This is the Chris Whitty Appreciation Society.”

Sean and Nicholas have also created Chris Whitty merchandise, for which 100% of the profits will go to NHS Charities. This merch includes posters, mugs, phone cases and t-shirts.



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