Hundreds of drivers answer incorrectly when quizzed about Queensland road rule of who gives way

A ‘no brainer’ question about a seemingly simple road rule has baffled motorists and divided the internet.

Most motorists thought they knew the answer when the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads tested their knowledge on Monday.

A photo posted to Facebook showed a red car waiting to do a U-turn from a lane turning right, while a blue car sitting at a stop sign waiting to turn left.

‘Who must give way? The red car doing the U-turn or the blue car stopped at the stop line turning left,’ the department captioned the image.

Of the hundreds who commented, most believed the blue car should give way.

This photo aimed to test motorists' knowledge but sparked an online debate

 This photo aimed to test motorists’ knowledge but sparked an online debate

‘Blue car must give way, as it is at a stop sign. No brainer,’ one man commented.

Another added: ‘Blue car moves last once no other traffic is visible.’

Some questioned whether the red car could do a legal U-turn.

Others were left baffled.

‘The U-turning vehicle is normally the last to go as they are performing the more difficult turn. In this scenario red gives way, the stop sign is in there to make you second guess your answer,’ a woman commented.

One man wrote:  ‘Lost count of the times I’ve been the “blue car” and been cut off by an aggressive “red car” driver – guess my point is no matter who’s got right-of-way just be prepared for anything.’

A simple road rule question of who should give way divided motorists

A simple road rule question of who should give way divided motorists

Many motorists were shocked when the department later revealed it’s actually the red car that must give way.

‘Drivers making a U-turn must give way to all other vehicles, even those facing give way and stop signs/road markings and turning from in slip lanes. This means the red car making the U-turn must give way to the blue car,’ the department explained.

‘To safely make a U-turn, the red car must have a clear view of approaching traffic and complete the turn without blocking the free movement of traffic. They must also give way to any pedestrians.’

Many motorists were grateful to be corrected.

‘These responses are why accidents happen. Maybe refresher courses/ tests for basic road rules when renewing licences should be introduced,’ one woman posted.

Another added: ‘I’d like to commend you folk at TMR on doing this. It is frightening how many people don’t know the road rules.’

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