iOS 14 Home Screen Setup: Widgets and Custom App Icons

Apple with iOS 14 introduced widgets on the Home Screen, leading to unprecedented levels of customization for the iPhone. Combined with Shortcuts that let you change an app’s icon, ‌iOS 14‌ lets you create a whole new look for your ‌Home Screen‌.

We’ve been following along with some of the ultra creative alternative Home Screen designs that MacRumors readers have come up with and thought we’d even try to build out a custom app icon and home screen setup to mimic an old school Mac design. In the video up above, you can check out our superficial attempt at making ‌iOS 14‌ look like Mac OS X Aqua, arguably one of the most iconic Mac looks. Widgetsmith is one of the tools that we use amongst others.

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Hands-On with iOS 14 Widgets, Custom Icons, and Home Screen Setup

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