Irish people-smuggling gang at centre of Essex lorry container deaths has been under investigation ‘for a year’


It is understood that more recently it has branched out into people smuggling activities through contacts it has established with other international criminal gangs. It was reported in Irish media over the weekend that the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB), which is responsible for investigating whether financial assets are the proceeds of crime, has investigated this gang over the past year.

It is understood that the CAB is now part of a wider investigation which is being lead by Essex police.

A spokesman for An Garda Síochána declined to comment on the extent of this investigation, whether any action was taken, or whether any intelligence was shared with any other agencies in Ireland or the UK.


Steve Harvey, a former senior Europol officer and expert in trafficking, said that in an investigation that crossed borders it is likely that “basic intelligence” such as names and minor details of the suspected offences would have been shared with other countries.

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