Is Ellen DeGeneres dead? #RIPEllen trends with digitally altered photos of ‘mean’ host: Do not believe hoax!

Is Ellen DeGeneres dead? No, we are not saying that, but a bunch of Twitter trolls seem to have started a meme thread that reads: ‘Ellen DeGeneres d*ed by falling of a roof?’ First of all, let’s start by addressing that it’s just a word on the street and there is absolutely no truth to it. However, it may be an understatement that Ellen — who was one of the most beloved queens of the talk show world — has lost her sheen.

A couple of months ago, the host of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ was branded “mean” and “cold” and as more negative reports surfaced from former guests and ex-employees, it came as a major shock to the world. The 62-year-old comedian, who starts her show by saying “be kind to one another” hasn’t lived up her own words. While there are reports that her show is about to be canceled due to poor ratings, her net worth has remained unshaken. According to Celebrity Net Worth, DeGeneres’ worth is estimated at $490 million.

With the cancel culture going strong, DeGeneres was declared dead on social media and within seconds, the hashtag #RIPEllen started doing the rounds. Sharing the same digitally-altered photo, one Twitter user wrote, “She’s in heaven now. #ripellen :(.” Another posted, “I’m heartbroken. I miss ellen so much. I know she’s in a better place, but it hurts. I miss you, angel.” Another said, “I found some pictures of ellen when she was younger. she will forever be missed. #RIPELLEN.” Many started sharing characters that look like her. “The fact that #ripellen is trending on Twitter and it’s literally people posting pictures of characters that look like her is why I love the internet,” one said.

Ellen DeGeneres attends the premiere of Netflix’s “Green Eggs And Ham” at Hollywood American Legion on November 03, 2019, in Los Angeles, California.

But just to be clear: These tweets are far from being true. MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) does not support and cannot independently verify these claims being made on the Internet. 

It was quite astonishing to see that many Twitter users were unaffected by the cruel trend and tried to add more fuel to the fire. “Why is ellen d wording the most fun thing to happen on Twitter in weeks,” one said and another posted, “The fact that Ellen d is trending not because her last name starts with a d but because people are saying Ellen d worded I’m— #ripellen.”

Several fans objected to the trend and were shaken by the ruthlessness. With a crying emoji, one fan said, “Who just sits down and thinks ‘let’s pretend ellen d*ed by falling off a roof'”, and another posted, “Whoever started the rumor about ellen d wording, you just put me into cardiac arrest.” Another posted, “My heart dropped thought y’all said Ellen died and y’all talking about some Ellen d or something.”

“Ugh my childhood is over. Why’d u have to take Ellen, 2020?!?!” one said and another posted, “If ellen is dead then why was she spotted yesterday in public? Ugh I hate fake news.” Another wrote: “Coming on Twitter and not understanding why everyone is being so mean to Ellen #RipEllen.”

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