Jeffrey Epstein called Prince Andrew as ‘Andy,’ often spoke with Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg 


Jeffrey Epstein had a tendency towards making braggadocios and at times ludicrous statements according to those who knew the convicted pedophile.

He told one academic ‘that he gamed the stock market by studying mating patterns of termites,’ and a billionaire that he had ‘invented the derivatives market’ reports Vanity Fair.

Epstein was also fond of name dropping, and would make frequent references to his relationships with the likes of Prince Andrew, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

The Microsoft billionaire even met with Epstein at his Manhattan townhouse claims one person, despite Gates’ reps previously claims that the two had neither a personal or professional relationship. 

Those reps are no longer responding to requests for comment as more and more reports roll in of Gates spending time with Epstein. 

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Harvard un-grads: Jeffrey Epstein (left in 2004 at Harvard) had a tendency to name drop and make claims that were hard to believe according to those who had dealings with the pedophile (Mark Zuckerberg on right)

Ctrl + Alt + Delete: Bill Gates  (above in August) met with Epstein at his Manhattan townhouse claims one person, despite Gates' claims that the two had neither a personal or professional relationship

Ctrl + Alt + Delete: Bill Gates  (above in August) met with Epstein at his Manhattan townhouse claims one person, despite Gates’ claims that the two had neither a personal or professional relationship

‘He name-dropped like crazy. You’d be with him and he’d say things like, “I just got off the phone with Zuckerberg. I just got off the phone with Rothschild. I just got off the phone with Gates,”‘ recalled one Wall Streeter.

‘You didn’t know if any of it was true. But then you’d be meeting at his townhouse several days later and Gates would be there.’

That individual added: ‘Jeffrey had a way of making these people materialize.’

Another acquaintance recalls Epstein’s refusal to kowtow to individuals of vaunted status.

‘Epstein treated the fanciest people in the world with complete irreverence in a way they were unaccustomed to,’ said that person.

‘He let it be known he called Prince Andrew “Andy,”‘

Many saw right through Epstein however, including a number of people he worked so hard to make a part of his inner circle.

‘He was one of these people who didn’t talk much. He wanted you to think he was thinking profound thoughts,’ noted one executive.

‘You always wondered if there was any there, there.’

Philosopher Daniel Dennet, one of the few people willing to go on the record, echoed that sentiment. 

‘He asked me manipulative questions, as a conversational gambit. I remember he said, “Suppose I gave you a billion dollars, what would you do with it?” I said I would fund an independent news organization for the whole world, and we’d hire the best reporters and give away the journalism,’ recalled Denet.

‘He had no interest in my answer. It was about showing off his wealth.’

Psychologist Steven Pinker also went on the record, saying that Epsein’s ‘ADD and intellectual laziness led me to conclude he was a kibitzer who liked to hang out with intellectual celebrities he had bought.’

Pinker also claimed that his meeting with Epstein occurred ‘years before anyone knew about his sexual crimes.’ 

He would however play a key role in Epstein’s defense, a role that he later said was misguided because he had not understood the extent of the charges against his friend. 

Andy: 'He let it be known he called Prince Andrew "Andy,"' said a Wall Streeter (Prince Andrew above on Wednesday in Australia)

Andy: ‘He let it be known he called Prince Andrew “Andy,”‘ said a Wall Streeter (Prince Andrew above on Wednesday in Australia)

It was previously revealed that Epstein welcomed a number of famous faces into his Paris apartment according to his butler, who spoke about his 18 years on the job in an interview with franceinfo

‘I served crowned heads, diplomats, businessmen and politicians,’ said the butler, named only as Gabriel, who then listed Bill and Melinda Gates as two examples.

He said that Prince Andrew, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Steve Bannon were also guests at the residence – as were a number of very young, very thin and very tall girls. 

Those girls, whose he said in recent years all looked to be of age, were kept separate from the other guests at all times according to Gabriel. 

He also revealed that members of his former boss’ trust had called just two days before an investigation into Epstein was announced in Paris asking him to perform some tasks at the apartment.  


Gabriel did not say how long these guests stayed and if it was always overnight or they just came by for a meal.

This is the first time there has ever been any mention of Bill and Melinda visiting one of Epstein’s properties, but those other three men have all been to see the late pedophile at his Manhattan townhouse.  

Gabriel specifically remembers Bannon, saying his visit came last Fall and noting; ‘I was even his driver in Paris.’ reached out to a publicist for Bill and Melinda, who did not respond to a request for comment. 

Gates has been adamant however in the past that he had no personal relationship with the pedophile, though the two did spend time together. 

A source close to Bannon meanwhile said ‘it never happened.’  

Flight records reveal that Gates flew with Epstein from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey to Palm Beach on March 1, 2013, one of the few flights that year where pilot Larry Viskoski recorded the name of a passenger.

A representative for the couple did not respond to a request for comment, and the pairing is an odd one given the work Melinda and the couple’s foundation does for young women around the world.

Gabriel also spoke about the other company kept by his boss.

‘As [Epstein] was very fond of massages, they were hired for it,’he explained.

‘But I do not think that there women were then paid for sex.’

He also said Epstein was seeing women less and getting fewer massages in recent years. 

‘When I started working for him, he was getting a massage at least twice a day, sometimes three or four times,’ said Gabriel, who noted that his boss’ habit was an expensive one.

‘But it was less common in recent years.’  

Epstein and Bill had spent time together previously, most notably at the annual Edge Dinner, which each year welcomes billionaires from around the world to come together and discuss advancements they are working in on the worlds of math, science and technology.

In fact, the 2013 dinner took place just two nights before they flew to Florida, though neither of the men are pictured attending that year’s event.

Epstein did claim he worked as a financial adviser to Gates for some time, but that claim was later shot down by the Microsoft founder’s representative.

The two men do however both own property in southern Florida.

Epstein had two homes including a $12 million Palm Beach mansion and Gates owns a five-property compound in Wellington that he purchased for a total of $40 million. 

In a biography that was published on the website for Edge, but later deleted, it is noted that Epstein ‘founded the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation in 2000 to fund and support cutting edge science around the world.’

He is also said to be ‘one of the largest supporters of individual scientists, including theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and Nobel Laureates Gerard ‘t Hooft, David Gross and Frank Wilczek.’

In an alarming addition, the biography then states that Epstein has taken ‘an active role in supporting education across the United States as well as philanthropy in the US Virgin Islands, where the foundation is based.’

He traveled to the 2002 dinner with guests including architect David Rockwell, author Michael Wolff, journalist Richard Cook, and literary agent John Brockman – who was also the editor of the Edge website.

Gates was not the only famous name to hop aboard Epstein’s plane either, with the serial pedophile also welcoming famed newsman Walter Cronkite, architect Peter Marino and a passenger identified as John Roberts.



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