Jessie Buckley on I’m Thinking of Ending Things, panic attacks, and naughty texts to Olivia Colman

She turned to therapy, and found it “really, really useful”: still does, in fact. “I go whenever I can,” she says. “There’s so much I don’t understand about myself, and I don’t want to be afraid of the different colours within me. I don’t believe in just being happy. I believe sadness and anger are just as powerful and useful – they’re all relevant, and I think if you try to hide away from them, you’re not really living.”

Therapy proved vital again before the mammoth 18-week War and Peace shoot in 2015, where she met James Norton, whom she would date for two years before an acrimonious split in 2017. “I was having the worst panic attacks I’d ever had because I’d never filmed before,” she says. “I felt completely out of my depth.”

These days on set, though, she says she feels like “part of the fam”, and much family time lies ahead. After Fargo she has another two-week quarantine, then it’s on to The Lost Daughter, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s adaptation of the 2008 book by the Italian novelist Elena Ferrante, in which she’ll appear alongside Olivia Colman, Dakota Johnson, Gyllenhaal’s husband Peter Sarsgaard, and Paul Mescal, from Normal People.

That’s given her another nice way to kill time indoors: she and Colman have been “texting each other the naughtiest Italian phrases that we know, which I suppose just about counts as rehearsal.” It’s also a project that, on the surface, seems to be a big first step into Hollywood proper.

Does she relish the thought of making that leap? “Every step in my life has felt like a leap,” she shrugs. “Doing a Charlie Kaufman film was a leap, but then doing I’d Do Anything was a leap. I just think that’s what I run towards. I like the leap.”

I’m Thinking of Ending Things  is on Netflix now

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