Kelle speaks powerfully about her experience of living with lupus

Kelle Bryan spoke powerfully with the Loose Women about her approach to living with lupus.

She explained why she was so proud of how far she has come on her journey with the condition and opened up about why she won’t allow it to define her. “Lupus, you’re a part of my life, but you’re not the whole of my life,” she said.

Kelle also recalled some incredibly difficult times and shared emotional footage, in which she struggled to speak due to the effects it had on her body.

“I never watch it because I find it too painful to put myself back in that situation, but that was me and those are the effects of lupus,” she said.

“But the reason I talk about it is because there isn’t an awareness of lupus like there is with cancer and other diseases, which is why I am willing to use my story to help other people to understand the effects of the disease.”

Watch Kelle’s powerful discussion about life with lupus in the video above.

You’ll find more information about lupus and the supports available here

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