Latest Brexit updates as No10 threatens to scrap deal and force election

Approving Brexit deal like buying a house, says housing secretary


Using the analogy of buying a house, housing secretary Robert Jenrick said he saw no reason why MPs could not “move quite quickly” to approve Brexit.


“If I had been thinking about buying that house for three years, if I’d been debating it with my wife and family for 500 hours, I think I might be able to move quite quickly when the opportunity arose,” the minister told the BBC.


“I suspect there will be MPs who would not have voted for this even if they had had until Christmas to debate this. The Labour Party front bench, for example, said they were against this Bill long before it was even published.


Asked why there was a lack of guarantees on workers’ rights in the bill, Jenrick said it would be for MPs to decide in the future.


Jenrick added: “We are saying that parliament will decide, and that’s the point of taking back control, isn’t it? Trusting parliament to make important decisions on workers’ rights or the environment.”


Jenrick said now was not the time to discuss the future trading relationship with the EU and matters such as the customs union.


“This is a piece of legislation which simply puts into effect in UK law what the Prime Minister has managed to negotiate,” he said. “The critical thing is the future relationship will be subject to a negotiating mandate that will be debated and voted on in the House of Commons.”


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