Monday Stat: Independence Day Projections – Gifts & Decorative Accessories

With the Fourth of July coming up this Saturday, in a typical year, most consumers would be expected to hit retail hard, in search of gourmet goods, party supplies and patriotic finds. Just last year, 86 percent of American consumers celebrated the holiday, but as well all know, 2020 is not a typical year.

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), 76 percent of consumers plan to celebrate the holiday this year. The report stated: “Much of the decline is driven by the fact that fewer consumers plan to participate in traditional celebrations like a fireworks show. In fact, just 24 percent say they plan to celebrate the Fourth of July by attending a community celebration, compared with 41 percent last year.

“Despite the fact that fewer consumers plan to celebrate Independence Day this year, those who do have plans for the holiday expect to spend over $76 on average, which is in line with historical trends. And more than half of consumers (56 percent) expect to plan a cookout or BBQ.”

For retailers with open stores, be sure to cross merchandise some of your red, white and blue product to make a patriotic display, even if you don’t have many America-centric products. Fashion accents, gourmet-scented candles, gourmet products for outdoor cooking and other items can make for a fun Fourth display.

Enjoy the holiday!

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