Nicola Sturgeon COVID update LIVE as FM says more restrictions may come

Welcome to today’s (Wednesday 23 September) live coverage of the unfolding coronavirus crisis in Scotland.

Over the previous 24-hour period, a record 486 new cases of the deadly virus were identified in Scotland and two people died.

Yesterday First Minister Nicola Sturgeon brought in some tough new measures in an attempt to keep COVID cases from soaring around the country.

The new measures include a strict nationwide curfew for pubs, bars and restaurants, and a ban on household visits (with the exception of those living alone or alone with children who form extended households and couples in non-cohabiting relationships.)

Last night, Nicola Sturgeon took to our TV screens in a live address to the nation in which she urged Scots to “be strong, be kind.”

She urged people to continue to act out of “love and solidarity”, reminding Scots not to forget that “humanity has come through even bigger challenges than this one”.

“The last six months have been unprecedented. They’ve been the hardest many of us have ever lived through.

“But through our collective efforts across Scotland, we did beat COVID back.

“As a result – although too much heartbreak has been endured and too many families are grieving – many lives were also saved,” she said.

We will be bringing you all the latest COVID updates from around Scotland right here.

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