On TV tonight, David Tennant plays serial killer Dennis Nilsen in ITV’s Des

Pick of the day: Des

9pm, ITV

“We’d like to talk to you about your drains,” are the first words spoken to Dennis Nilsen by the detective, DCI Peter Jay (played by Daniel Mays), leading the investigation into the Scottish mass murderer after a workman had reported finding human remains in a blocked pipe outside Nilsen’s London house in February 1983. David Tennant is chillingly excellent as Nilsen, matter-of-factly admitting his guilt and cooperating with police – except he can’t recall his 15 victims’ names. Jason Watkins plays Brian Masters, whose book, Killing For Company, forms the basis of this three-part drama about the murderous and necrophiliac civil servant.

Exposing The Illegal Organ Trade – Panorama

7.35pm, BBC One

Panorama investigates one of the world’s most brutal trades – the buying and selling of human organs – meeting the African migrants who have been exploited for their body parts by criminal gangs. Some have agreed to sell a kidney to finance their journey to Europe, only to be ripped off by the traffickers after the operation. Other victims have their organs taken without consent.

Inside The Bomb Squad

8pm, Channel  4

We don’t see Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse reeling in grenades on their BBC Two show but then they are clearly late to the “magnet-fishing” craze, where treasure hunters search for metal submerged in canals and rivers. Often this calls for the British Army soldiers who defuse bombs, the subject of this new docu-series. But we start with a call out to woodland near Clitheroe, where a dog walker has found an explosive.

The Diagnosis Detectives

9pm, BBC Two

In the last few years, 26-year-old Hayley has gained 20kg and gone from a size 4-6 to a size 18-20, without changing her diet. She also struggles with muscle weakness and constant fatigue, and her hair has started falling out. Hayley is the latest patient whose baffling symptoms are investigated by the team of specialists rounded up by Michael Mosley, along with Lotte, who developed a severe headache on a camping trip in 2017 which has never stopped since. Might she have been bitten by a tick?

The Yorkshire Jobcentre (Photo: Ryan Mcnamara/Channel 4)

The Yorkshire Jobcentre

9pm, Channel 4

The difficulties that some older jobseekers have in adapting to change is the focus of this week’s visit to the Leeds employment office. Suraya used to work in beauty, before leaving her job to be a full-time mum for 16 years. Now the 48-year-old wants to get back into the industry, but she discovers that it has evolved more than she’d imagined. And then there’s Ray, a 63-year-old piano tuner whose struggles with technology are making his job search difficult to keep up with.

Lovecraft Country

9pm, Sky Atlantic

It’s probably safest to view this vibrant mix of pulp sci-fi with the brutal realities of 1950s Jim Crow America as partly an anthology series, as it splits away from the central quest of locating Atticus’s missing father to tell the individual stories of family members. This week finds Ruby (Luther’s Wunmi Mosaku) making a devil’s bargain with William and experiencing the perks of life as a white woman. Her transformation however only fortifies her resentment of the racial divide.

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