On TV tonight, Martin Freeman stars in Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads

Pick of the day — The Hidden Wilds Of The Motorway

9pm, BBC4

The naturalist, Helen Macdonald (H Is For Hawk) isn’t the first writer to circumnavigate the M25 – Iain Sinclair did so for his 2002 “psychogeography” tome, London Orbital – and although (like Sinclair), Macdonald pays homage to JG Ballard by visiting his former home in Shepperton, this is largely a look at the nature thriving in “unregarded places” along the thunderous 127-mile motorway. Benign neglect means its environs are often richer in plant species than the managed countryside, foxes and deer at home here while moss colonises its concrete underbelly. A charming, thought-provoking film.

Bake Off: The Professionals is back for a fifth season (Photo: Channel 4)

Bake Off: The Professionals

8pm, Channel 4

The four remaining teams reach chocolate week, and a suitably intricate (some might say absurd) challenge in which they must construct a towering showpiece inspired by a famous skyline incorporating geometric chocolate tarts and moving parts. Anyone for flapjacks? Liam Charles and Tom Allen attempt to bring some levity to the proceedings.

Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads

9pm, BBC1

Martin Freeman takes the role originally played by Alan Bennett himself in 1988 – that of a repressed gay man with mental health problems in A Chip In The Sugar. Middle-aged Graham Whittaker is a devoted son whose elderly mother renews her relationship with an old flame she knew before she married his father. As he helplessly watches their whirlwind romance, he begins to suspect someone is watching the house – and that his mother’s new lover may not be what he seems to be. It’s followed by The Outside Dog, in which Rochenda Sandall (Line Of Duty) plays a woman increasingly disquieted by her husband’s nocturnal dog walks.

24 Hours In A&E

9pm, Channel 4

Another day, another varied caseload at St George’s, as 74-year-old Richard is brought in after being found in a confused state by his son – doctors discovering signs of a brain injury that leads his children to reveal the tragedy that befell their father and the shattering effect it has had on his life. There’s also Pauline, who fell down the stairs at her granddaughter’s 16th birthday, while in paediatrics, a talkative nine-year-old is treated for a rash on his ankle.

Ben Fogle: New Lives In The Wild

9pm, Channel 5

For his final revisit, Fogle catches up with the British former war correspondent, Julius Strauss, and his Estonian wife Kristin, who live in British Columbia. Their home is in the middle of a mountainous region that is home to grizzly bears, and on his first visit, Fogle was shocked to discover the impact hunting had on the animals. Years later, the couple’s campaigning has helped introduce new protections, but now a fresh problem has arisen – wildfires.

Das Boot

9pm, Sky Atlantic

The climactic double-bill of the German wartime U-Boat saga, as Wrangel finally catches up with the absconding, Enigma-code carrying Von Reinhartz (Clemens Schick), leading to a dramatic showdown out in the Atlantic. An injured Hoffmann meanwhile hangs on as his chance to escape heads toward US shores, and back in German-occupied La Rochelle, Margot continues her plan to liberate the prisoners.

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