OPP concerned about video showing cars blocking traffic to perform stunts on Hwy. 409


Provincial police are raising concerns after a video has emerged showing traffic stalled along Highway 409 near Pearson Airport as vehicles performed stunts.

Sgt. Kerry Schmidt posted the video to Twitter, saying it was dangerous and illegal.

“It is disappointing when a mob mentality of hijacking a highway to make a scene like this is conducted,” read his tweet.

The video, posted on 6ixbuzzTV’s Instagram account, shows a vehicle doing doughnuts on an empty highway, with a line of cars stopping traffic from getting through.

Schmidt spoke to CityNews about the incident, which reportedly happened on Saturday night.

“They’re hijacking the highway for their own thrills. Someone could get seriously hurt and someone could get killed very easily because of this,” he said.


Schmidt added that this has happened before.

“It’s been a growing issue inside the city as well, in communities at four-way stops and intersections where groups come in, they commandeer an entire intersection and drivers get in and they start doing the same kind of stunts, right in the community.”

Officers were called to the scene, but the group was already dispersing by the time they arrived.

Provincial police say they will be using this video along with tips from people who were there to try and find the drivers involved. Anyone with information is asked to contact police.

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