Police and firefighters in Winnipeg were allegedly assaulted on New Year’s Eve

Winnipeg police say some of the city’s officers, as well as a couple of firefighters, faced assaults and injuries as 2019 ended and 2020 began.

In one case on Tuesday night, police say they responded to a report of a family incident where a man allegedly threatened to kill a woman, and then damaged a house as he fled.

Police say that when two officers caught up with him, he allegedly resisted arrest and injured both officers, with one requiring treatment in hospital.

Later in the evening, police say firefighters who responded to an alarm at an apartment building were allegedly punched and threatened with a knife when they encountered a group of people in a hallway on the eighth floor.

Two firefighters and a 19-year-old suspect were treated at a hospital for injuries.

Early Wednesday morning, police say the driver of a stolen truck they’d pulled over came at them with a knife, and had to be restrained with a Taser.

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