Rainbow Six Siege leak outlines new Operator gadgets – and hints at Year 5 updates


Lots of information about Rainbow Six Siege’s Year Four, Season Four has leaked ahead of its launch, it seems. The leak appears to yield some intriguing details about content headed to the game with the update, but that’s not all – it looks like there are possibly some hints about stuff for Year Five, too.

The leak from user Kormora on ResetEra (via YouTube channel CoreRoss) offers up various details about the Indian and Kenyan Operators previously revealed in the Rainbow Six Siege year four release date roadmap. According to the leak info, “The Indian attacker has a grenade launcher that fires a device which charges up and destroys gadgets around it. Also she has a bolt action rifle.”

The source also reveals, “The Kenyan defender has a device that sucks in a grenade at a time and triggers them,” describing the Operator as some competition for Jager. They say they have “no idea about loadouts,” though they believe the character is a “one speed Op.”

Next up, there’s a somewhat mysterious reference to some Year Five Rainbow Six Siege Operators: “Year Five will have some interesting Ops. Anyone ever watch the commercials with the Kool-Aid man?” Helpfully, CoreRoss provides a possible interpretation of this, suggesting in his video that there could be an Operator able to run through walls. Intriguing, and potentially game-changing if true.

Further information offered up about possible Year Five content seems quite a lot less certain, however. The source references “a medic drone operator and akimbo dude,” but can’t “100% confirm” these as in the pipeline, as well as some other features, like a “shield with a stun in mind that would throw back people” that the source indicates were shelved.


Kormora also posts about some new gear possibly heading to the game for other Operators, such as an “alarm gadget” for defenders, and a “a small thermite charge” for attackers. From the post, it’s not clear which year or season these could be arriving, however the source adds that a rework of Tachanka is on the way “soon” (apparently he might not need his turret for much longer) and Finka could be transformed into a full medic “down the line.”

The source also makes a few brief references to (reported) considerations of “client side debris,” lighting, and “camo.” It’s important to note that these details are all unconfirmed at this stage, though they arrive courtesy of a source who has been reliable about updates in the past. If true, it sounds like the two new operators could bring something pretty exciting to the mix.

There’s no official Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 release date for Season Four to mark on your calendars yet, but it’s possible it could be revealed when the Rainbow Six Pro League Finals kick off in Japan November 10, though this isn’t confirmed.

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