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Kendall Fuller isn’t that interested in rewatching his interception that clinched a Super Bowl victory for the Chiefs this past February. He’s well aware of how special of a moment that highlight was, of course, but the defender has already largely moved on.

“You grind and work to make sure that’s not the last play you’re remembered for,” Fuller told a group of Redskins reporters during a conference call on Wednesday.

This week will include plenty of similar calls featuring the free agents that Washington has signed so far, but for Fuller, his session wasn’t meant to welcome him. Rather, it was a reintroduction, as he’s set to return to the franchise that drafted him in 2016.

According to him, he’s coming back to the Burgundy and Gold as a more well-rounded pro.

“I think the first time was me just trying to figure myself out, find myself,” he said. “Now, just knowing my game more, knowing my strengths and weaknesses, just bettering that confidence.”

The 25-year-old explained that the possibility of becoming a Redskin again first occurred to him during the Combine, when his agents and the organization had some initial conversations about making it happen. Eventually, his agents buzzed him when the team made its offer, which came late on the first day of the league’s tampering period.

“I told them, ‘Say less. Let’s do it,'” he recalled.

As for why he opted to come back instead of head elsewhere, he acknowledged being local again mattered, yet it was far from the lone factor in his choice.

“So many reasons,” Fuller said. “Coach Rivera and the coaching staff there. Their relationship with the players and seeing how they develop guys. Seeing the corners that they have in [Carolina] — (James) Bradberry, Donte Jackson — seeing their film the last couple of years. And being at a place that’s home, that I’ve had some success, that I enjoyed the first few years I was in Washington.”

While with the Chiefs, Fuller lined up all over their secondary, acting as an outside corner and even a safety in addition to his role as a slot corner. That kind of versatility is why his name is now inked on a four-year, $40 million contract.

Naturally, many have wondered how the Redskins will choose to use him moving forward. Due to the consequences of Coronavirus, Fuller himself isn’t currently sure. He doesn’t appear that concerned, however.

“I’m just excited to just show my talent, just knowing that I can play anywhere on the field at a high level,” he said.

In addition to increased on-field responsibilities, Fuller developed a better mindset in 2018 and 2019 in Kansas City. That’ll certainly happen after going to the AFC title game one year and winning it all right after that.

And much like Thomas Davis did on Tuesday in his respective conference call, Fuller sounded focused on bringing that approach to the Redskins as they attempt to become relevant with Rivera. 

“It was almost like we felt like we put way too much work in day in and day out starting from OTAs, it wasn’t an option of us not going to the Super Bowl,” Fuller said of his stint with the Chiefs. “That just starts from day one when we’re in the building.”


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