Reported Big Ten football cancellation deals economic blow to Badger-reliant businesses

The six or seven weekends each fall the Badgers host a home game account for an estimated 20% to 30% of the store’s yearly sales, he said.

“For businesses up and down Regent Street, football is our bread and butter,” Brown said. “It’s a huge percentage of our sales and a huge percentage of our profits.”

Lucas Simon-Wambach, general manager of Sconniebar, 1421 Regent St., said football Saturdays are the biggest sales days for the sports bar and grill in the shadow of Camp Randall. Up to 10,000 people can cycle in and out of the bar’s 1,200-capacity outdoor beer garden throughout a game day.

From a financial perspective, Simon-Wambach said, it’s a “disappointment” to lose football. But like other restaurants, Sconniebar has been preparing several scenarios, including the cancellation of Big Ten football, for surviving the financial challenges of the pandemic, he said.

Student perspective

Monday’s reports of imminent cancellation also came as little surprise to Badgers fans.

Incoming UW-Madison junior Anthony Chambers bought season tickets last year, but predicted weeks ago that this year’s season, at least for Camp Randall spectators, would be axed.

“Saturdays will definitely be different,” he said.

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