‘Room 237: The Shining’ Pop-Up Opens In Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — Now you can relive the 1980s horror flick “The Shining” at a new experience at Morgan Manufacturing in the West Loop in Chicago. The pop-up event, called Room 237, is taking on an entirely new feel.

Usually actors do most of the work, but there it is all about mural and sculptures created by local artists. They are working to bring back the most dramatic moments of the film with projectors showing scenes sure to give you the willies. They have even recreated the hedge maze outside the hotel.

The 3,200 square foot space allows for safe social distancing as well, with 25 people allowed to walk through every 15 minutes.

The City of Chicago approved the event.

After the tour guests can head to an attached restaurant to enjoy specialty drinks inspired by the movie.

The “Shining” pop-up runs through Nov. 15 with ticket packages starting at $35.

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