Shark Club worker horribly injured after being dragged by car in DTES


Desiree Evancio is believed to have been walking near East Hastings and Jackson Avenue on Oct. 12, 2019, when she was struck by a van pulling a trailer and became trapped under the vehicle.


The life of a young woman from Ontario who moved to B.C. and worked at the Shark Club in downtown Vancouver has been changed forever following a horrific accident in the Downtown Eastside last Saturday morning.

Desiree Evancia, 24, has been identified as the person struck by a van at Hastings Street and Jackson Avenue at 12:30 a.m. on Oct. 12. Evancia was caught under the vehicle, which continued to travel along Hastings Street west for four blocks before it stopped. The driver is from the U.S. and his vehicle had U.S. licence plates. At the time of the incident, police stated they thought alcohol was a factor, however no charges have been laid and the man is not in custody.

According to a Gofundme page, Desiree is in Vancouver General Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Desiree’s sister — Ashley Danh — has commented on the page, saying the reason they were trying to raise $1 million was because it was likely the driver’s U.S. insurance would not cover her sister’s recovery costs.

Danh said that Desiree had lost her right eye, and that on Wednesday she would undergo a 10-hour surgery to replace her left cheekbone with bone taken from her leg.

“Bone and tissue needs to be cut and taken from her leg and formed to replace her cheek bone. Her jaw is broken in three places and needs a plate inserted,” Danh wrote. It is likely she has lost the use of her left arm.


“It is currently undetermined what lies ahead for her, what her recovery will be and whether she will have lifelong ailments because of this.”

The Gofundme page was created by Desiree’s co-workers from the Shark Club.


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