Shocking footage shows NRL star Curtis Scott writhing in pain after being pepper sprayed by police

Disturbing footage has showed Canberra Raiders centre Curtis Scott writhing on the ground in severe pain after being pepper sprayed and tasered by police.

The 22-year-old had been charged with seven offences – two of assaulting a police officer and one of resisting arrest – after officers found him asleep under a tree following Australia Day celebrations on January 27.

All but two charges though have been dropped as confronting body cam footage emerged showing Scott crying out in agony from the heavy-handed policing.

The vision played in court on Thursday showed Scott being told by an officer ‘it’s not that bad’ after he was pepper-sprayed in the face, 7News reported. 

Scott’s lawyer argued the decision to taser the NRL star was disproportionate considering his client had only raised his voice and was following the police order not to resist arrest.  

The rugby league player can be heard in the footage saying repeatedly he had ‘done nothing wrong’.

Magistrate Jennifer Giles said the vision was so difficult to watch the footage she did not want to see it a third time and criticised police for claiming they acted appropriately in handcuffing an unconscious man.

Magistrate Giles said that argument was ‘a very long and frightening bow’. 

Scott’s lawyer Sam Macedone said Scott had feared he may have jeopardised his future in the NRL following the arrest and had lost a Nike sponsorship deal. 

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