Simon Cowell is not dead: #RIPSimonCowell trends for no reason, Internet says ‘imagine when he opens Twitter’

In the last few months, the cancel culture has grown stronger than ever on the Internet and there seems to an increased force when it comes to trolling celebrities on social media. Simon Cowell’s name popped up on the Internet on June 25 with a rude shock. It was trending with the hashtag #RIPSimonCowell. Unbelievable, right?

No, Cowell is not dead. While there were no media reports or public statements that could have triggered it, it could have started after inaccurate edit on Cowell’s Wikipedia page that said he died on June 25. However, the Wikipedia edit seems to have been deleted later. One Twitter user pointed out how it said “was” under his introduction. “Ok, but why does google actually say ‘Simon Cowell WAS’!!!! #ripSimonCowell.”

At 60, he is alive and well. The television personality and entrepreneur is known for being the much-loved judge on ‘America’s Got Talent’ since 2016. Founder and chief executive at the British entertainment company Syco, he was also a part of ‘Pop Idol’, ‘The X Factor’, ‘American Idol’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. The chatter sparked from a mere Twitter trend that has left everyone confused. “SIMON COWELL DIED??? WHY IS THIS TRENDING????? #ripSimonCowell,” one tweet read and another said, “So this isn’t actually true. Idk who did this hashtag but it’s incorrect #ripSimonCowell.” One went on to say: “Me Googling to see if Simon Cowell was actually dead #RIPSimonCowell.”

Simon Cowell (Getty Images)

Apparently, it started with fan camps trying to cancel him. “#ripSimonCowell he’s not dead but he’s a deadbeat a*****e,” one tweet read and another said, “#RipSimonCowell this is a joke!! it started on jojotwt as a joke between friends! he’s still alive, I’m sure, in case anyone was wondering.”

Many are wondering why the hashtag is trending at all. “Wondering if he’s been cancelled for bailing out his paedo mate #ripSimonCowell or if peeps have found out why Tulisa trial got kicked out as soon as she brought his name into it,” one Twitter user wrote and another said, “#ripSimonCowell *HE’S NOT ACTUALLY DEAD BUT JUST IMAGINE HIS FACE WHEN HE OPENS TWITTER*.” Clarifying how it is a hoax, one fan tweeted: “This #ripSimonCowell is a hoax. I know, you know this, already. I failed to be interested in an article about what the entertainment world would be without @SimonCowell after deciding he may need to be my favorite 6-year-old (his age, when I was born), 1 day.”

Slamming the entire generation, one wrote, “#ripSimonCowell This right here is the reason this generation cannot get what they want. Wishing death on people every five minutes. F***ing ridiculous. I am not a big fan of his by any means. But I don’t run around wishing people to be dead.”

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