Ariana Grande Revealed Which Charities She's Supporting In The Midst Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

Ariana Grande is doing her part to help out with coronavirus relief after calling out “selfish” and “stupid” people who refuse to self-isolate in the midst of the pandemic.

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In a statement posted on Twitter and Instagram last week, Ariana said it was “blowing her mind” to watch people going out, socialising, and generally not taking the situation seriously.

“I do not mean to disrespect anyone who doesn’t have the privilege of cancelled work or being able to call out of their work,” she continued. “But this is a national emergency and a pandemic of global proportion.”

In a subsequent Twitter thread, Ariana encouraged her fans to call their senators in support of H.R. 6201, a bill which would — among other things — provide paid sick leave and free coronavirus testing to Americans.

The bill was passed by the Senate and signed by President Trump on Wednesday, and is projected to authorise more than $100 billion worth of aid.

“Like your hip hop yoga class can fucking wait I promise,” Ariana wrote in another tweet.

Now Ariana has gone one step further, encouraging fans to donate to charities to help provide coronavirus relief, and revealing which charities she’s personally been supporting.

“While we are doing social distancing and doing the best we can to protect one another my heart hurts for the small businesses, individuals, and families affected by all of this,” she wrote in an Instagram story.

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“I am supporting all the organizations below and if you are able to, you should too,” she said, recommending Opportunity Fund, Give Directly, Feeding America, Croce Rossa Italiana, and WHO’s COVID-19 solidarity response fund.

A true angel. 😇

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