This TikTok Of A Dad Explaining The Number Of Poops Toilet Paper Hoarders Will Have To Take To Use It Up Shows How Selfish It Is

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the US, some people immediately started selfishly hoarding essential items. This left people in horrible situations where the items they really needed were sold out everywhere — like this mom who couldn’t find diapers:

And one of the biggest things people have been hoarding has been toilet paper.

To put things in perspective, TikTok user @naomi.corson uploaded a video of her dad breaking down the EXACT amount of poops a person would have to take to use four value packs of toilet paper from Costco in two weeks:

When BuzzFeed spoke to Naomi’s dad, he said the whole thing started because he wanted to teach his kids a math lesson. He’s a teacher, so he thought a timely equation about toilet paper would be of interest to his kids.

Naomi’s dad said his parents actually sent him the statistics from an article they found online. “Naomi thought I’d worked out the numbers, but really someone else did,” he explained.

Since the toilet paper hoarding started, many websites have written mathematical breakdowns for how long toilet paper should last.

“People are stuck at home and are experiencing rising levels of stress. Hoarding tendencies can exhibit under these conditions. I wanted to release a little bit of stress with humor, and I think it’s led to this [TikTok’s] popularity.”, Apple / BuzzFeed, Apple / BuzzFeed

SO STOP HOARDING! And, if you did buy too much, make things right and donate because we’re all in this together!

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