“They’re Not Your FRIEND!” Jaden Newman CRASHES Julian’s Car!? Julian PISSES OFF Family 😱

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Would you let Jaden Newman drive your car!?

In this episode of Hello Newmans, the family pays respects to one of their idols, Kobe Bryant. Julian and Jaden both looked up to Kobe growing up, so this one really hurts. But Jamie does a good job of bringing the family together and keep their spirits high in tough times.

Later, Jamie takes Jaden out to learn how to drive. Everything’s going smooth, but then Jaden almost crashes Julian’s car! Y’all think Jaden’s gonna pass her driver’s test?

After that, Julian and Jaden prepare for their big celebrity at the Amway Center In Orlando. They’re gonna hoop with stars like Floyd Mayweather, and then party on the roof! Watch Hello Newmans Episode 3 and see what happens!

Fear Nothing drops tomorrow at noon, so get ready for that too!

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