This Guy Thought Period Pads Stuck To Women's Skin Like Band-Aids And Apparently Lots Of Men Think This

This is Ked Merwin. He lives in Michigan and, at the ripe age of 16, TikTok taught him a very important thing about female periods.

Ked Merwin

You see, Ked thought the pads women use for their periods stuck to their skin — just like a Band-Aid.

Curtoicurto / Getty Images, Michaeljay / Getty Images

Curtoicurto / Getty Images, Michaeljay / Getty Images

But he recently learned that they actually stick to the underwear. So, he decided to share how shook he was to learn this on TikTok:

His video has generated more than 1.3 million views, and most people with a period seemed to react with shock and confusion…

…while it also appeared that there were several men who were confused by this concept, too.

Some girls talked about how they had to be the ones to inform their brothers about how pads work.

And one woman even said her own fiancé didn’t know how pads worked.

So, basically, his video proved that young men apparently need a better education when it comes to periods, something 50% of the population experiences.

BuzzFeed spoke to Ked, who explained exactly how he thought pads worked. “My whole life, I was under the impression that pads had a sticky side and a non-sticky side. I thought women would have to peel off a cover from the sticky side before sticking it onto their skin, like a large Band-Aid,” he said.

Ked Merwin

He continued, “I’m not sure why I thought it worked like that, but apparently I’m not alone in my thinking. I saw a video on TikTok of a girl laughing about how her boyfriend thought the same thing. I figured it would hurt a little to peel off, but period cramps hurt, too. So, I guess I thought pain was a part of it.”

“When I found out it stuck to the underwear rather than the skin, I felt so stupid. It makes so much more sense for it to NOT work like a Band-Aid. I immediately felt the urge to post about it after I found out, and it turns out a lot of guys thought the same exact thing as me,” Ked said.

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Ked’s mom and sisters laughed when they found out he thought this. “They thought it was funny, but they also didn’t question it too much either. I mean, nobody ever explained it to me, so it’s not like I would’ve known any better,” he said.


Ked added that he definitely thinks guys should be taught about the female body, including pads and tampons. “It’s just as important that we know what’s going on, so we can do our best to help out.”

So, guys. Please, please take up educating yourself about the female body. It’ll help you in the long run!


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