Twitch Streamer Fedmyster Removed from OfflineTV After Allegations

Due to recent allegations from house manager Yvonnie, Twitch streamer Fedmyster will no longer be living in the OfflineTV streaming house.

While the OfflineTV group is known for the fun content they create on Twitch and YouTube, drama is coming out of the streaming house as well as one of their members. Federico “Fedmyster” Gaytan will no longer be living at the house due to sexual assault allegations from the house manager, Yvonne “Yvonnie” Ng.

A wave of accusations has been coming out against Twitch streamers recently, prompting #TWITCHBLACKOUT to trend on Twitter. Many streamers and viewers stayed off the platform to encourage Twitch to take action against these streamers. With this movement happening, more women in the industry have been speaking out about their unwanted sexual experiences, including those in the OfflineTV house.

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Along with other female Twitch streamers, some of the women in the OfflineTV house chimed in on Twitter that they also had experiences with sexual harassment from men and other streamers on the platform. On June 24, Yvonnie went on HealthyGamer_GG’s stream, and the health streamer talked with her about a man who had sexually harassed her, where she detailed some of the situations that went on. Yvonnie didn’t reveal the name of the man, but she told Dr K that he had easy access to the streaming house and spent a lot of time with the OfflineTV group.

A few days later, Yvonnie posted on Twitter explaining more about the situations and revealing that the person who she was talking about was the streamer Fedmyster. In the account she posted, she also referenced scenarios of sexual harassment that LilyPichu, another streamer who lived with them in the OfflineTV house, had experienced from him as well and mentioned that Pokimane had her own stories with the variety streamer.

Following this post, the official OfflineTV account retweeted Yvonnie and said that, since the group wants the house to be a place that all can feel safe in, that Fedmyster will no longer be living with the group and is being removed from the house. Since then, Fedmyster has publicly apologized to those close to him who he’s made uncomfortable, and will try to be better and take more responsibility in his life going forward. He has not commented on leaving the house.

While this is a difficult situation, hopefully, this will bring more streamers to reflect on the impact of their actions and empower those who have been sexually taken advantage of to speak up and receive support.

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