v11.00.1 Update Fortnite Patch Notes – Fixed Zoomed in/Cropped screen, Settings reset and wrong achievements


Epic Games have addressed several bugs with a v11.00.1 patch that was recently pushed to several platforms.

Since the release of Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1, there have been several issues that have been plaguing the game. One of the major issues has been performance related, especially when players are engaging in a build fight.

Epic stated that some of the performance issues can be fixed by turning off the new 3d  audio feature in the settings. This appears to have corrected the performance issue for some whilst others have claimed they’re still experience extreme lag whilst playing.

Epic have just pushed out the v11.00.1 Fortnite update which addressed a few of the bugs/issues players have been experience since the new chapter and season was released yesterday morning. You can check out the short patch notes below.

v11.00.1 Fortnite Update Patch Notes

  • The issue where players were seeing some of their settings reset with the launch of chapter 2 has now been fixed. If you haven’t logged into the game since the new chapter was released, your settings will be uneffected by the bug that caused this issue in the first place.
  • The bug where the wrong achievements were showing as completed has now been fixed.
  • A large number of players were reporting that their screen was appearing zoomed in or cropped. This issue has now been fixed on consoles as it didn’t affect Mobile, Switch, or PC players.

As of writing, the patch has only been released for PlayStation 4, PC, Mac and Android. This update will be pushed for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS soon.


This patch update requires a download and the file size of this update can be seen below:

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1 v11.00.1 Patch Update File Size

  • PC: 237 MB
  • MAC: 1.1GB
  • PS4: 900 MB
  • Android: 374 MB

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