Virgin Media broadband recovers after failure in London

Virgin Media services have been restored in London after users reported being left without internet access.

Thousands of Londoners said they had no connection on Thursday morning, with outage maps showing large parts of the city were affected.

Many people were unable to do their jobs at a time when the government is still encouraging people to work from home where possible due to coronavirus. TV services were also affected, the provider said.

Tweeting her frustration, one woman wrote: “When there’s a major outage at Virgin Media and all you can do is sit and wait as your time-sensitive work slowly burns.”

Someone else posted: “Hi @richardbranson. Can you please fix this. None of us can currently do our jobs. Kind regards, Every Virgin Media Customer.”

Several people also claimed that they were unable to get through to customer services to report the issue.

A Virgin Media spokesman told Sky News that the problem had not affected areas outside London.

Just after 4pm, they added: “We’re pleased to say the London broadband issue is now fixed.

“We’re sorry once again and we realise this was a frustrating situation for those affected.”

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